6 Educators Share How they Are Using 3D Printing to Teach Their Students

Not only is 3D printing radically impacting the manufacturing and industrial sectors, but it is also changing how educators are teaching their students as well. 3D printing is offering educators new ways to explain, teach, and experience different concepts. And, the technology is already being used by teachers all over the world to enhance their […]

5 Android games news stories you should have read this week

If you were too busy catching some rays to read all about the latest Android gaming news this week, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve rounded up all of the biggest news from this week for your reading pleasure. Have a great Sunday. The biggest Android gaming news story this week: Ragnorok: […]

de Blob Brings Some Colour to Nintendo Switch – GameSpew

Years before Splatoon had players spraying coloured ink to claim territory, there was de Blob. Originally released in 2008, de Blob had players take control of a clear blob of liquid. In a world drained of colour by the evil INKT Corporation, de Blob, also the name of the player character, had the unique ability to […]

Semblance Is A Wonderfully Squishy, Deformable Puzzle Platformer

Semblance is a very squishy game. It’s set in a world where almost everything can be squeezed, shoved and manipulated out of its natural form, making oddly slimy and biological sounds as you do so. It’s also a world that’s under threat from an alien infestation that is making the world harder. Born out of […]

The Narrative Games Convention by AdventureX Team —Kickstarter

Erm… ridiculously, we hit all our stretch goals within hours of launching. But don’t panic! AdventureX is a not-for-profit event so any additional funds will be ploughed back into making the event better. AdventureX brings together developers & gamers with a passion for interactive storytelling. The event will take place in London, UK on the 10 & […]