Overkill’s The Walking Dead Our Now on PC. Cinematic Launch Trailer

Starbreeze, Skybound Entertainment and 505 Games have announced the global release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead on Windows PC. Check Out the Overkill’s The Walking Dead Cinematic Launch Trailer: Inspired by Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novels and developed by OVERKILL – A Starbreeze Studio, this new co-op multiplayer action game is available today via Steam […]

Overwatch Lego Sets Get Release Date – GameSpew

At Blizzcon yesterday, Blizzard officially announced their Overwatch Lego set release dates. Pre-orders are available now for each of the five sets and they will be available for purchase on January 1, 2019. The sets available for purchase are as follows: A 197-piece set featuring Hanzo and Genji in the well-known dojo from their animated […]

Lego DC Super-Villains Review

Traveller’s Tales’ Lego games are one of the most consistently entertaining and long-running series in gaming, even with a few notable missteps. While the core gameplay has remained relatively stable throughout the twenty or so titles, the incremental improvements to mission structure and character skills have seen more recent games outshine their predecessors. So, with […]

The Cinema Rosa by Atreyu Games —Kickstarter

Puzzle exploration! Narrative driven! Spooky and Immersive! If you liked the Stanley Parable, you’ll love the Cinema Rosa. Here’s a taste of what we’ll create with your help: a deep, narrative-driven exploration game, taking inspiration from horror, the 1920s and the height of Golden Age Cinema! Exploration  is a pivotal part of any puzzle game, […]