A New Life is Strange Book Lets Us Delve Back into the Life of Max – GameSpew

Life is Strange 2’s trailer revealed new characters, a new setting, and new story, but there was no Max. Of course, fans of the franchise will know that Dontnod Entertainment intended for Life is Strange 2 to feature brand new protagonists, and to leave Max’s story behind. But, in a surprise announcement, Life is Strange’s […]

Just Cause 4 Is So Explosive & Ridiculous It Makes Me A Bit Sad

If someone decided to make a film of Just Cause 4’s development, Franceso Antolini would absolutely play himself. He’s got the accent, the manner, the look, the hairstyle that made me think “Yup, that’s Just Cause’s Creative Director.” No, he’s not a wild haired Doc Brown type (yet?), but you can still see exactly where […]

What is Little Dragons Cafe? Story, farming, cooking and how to raise your dragon

Little Dragons Cafe is one of those games that reads like it’s fallen out of a wonderful Japanese random game name generator. First to tip out of the ideas box this time were seemingly dragons, and the next logical option, cafes – because, you know, that whole connection. And while we can see how having […]

3 Super-Cheap Gaming PCs for Rocket League ($300, $400, & $500 Builds)

If you’re in the market for a new PC for Rocket League but you don’t have a huge budget, in this guide, we’ve listed three affordable gaming computers that can handle Rocket League with ease. Rocket League is now one of the most popular and most-played PC games. Its highly competitive and addicting gameplay, low […]

Memories of Sony’s Killer Home Consoles – GameSpew

Out today, the latest limited edition PS4 Pro celebrates the sale of over 500 million PlayStation consoles. You can’t buy one anymore – they’re all sold out. Only 50,000 of the 500 Million Limited Edition Translucent Blue PS4 Pro consoles were available across the world. If you really do want one, you’ll now have to […]