The 100 Hottest New Games revealed in games™ 202 | gamesTM

The 100 Hottest New Games revealed in games™ 202 | gamesTM

The 100 Hottest New Games revealed in games™ 202

games™ 202 is here and once again we’re celebrating the 100 Hottest New Games off the back of E3. Inside you will find 100 of the most exciting, innovative and creative games coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in the coming years. Grab yourself a copy from now!

The 100 Hottest New Games revealed in games™ 202

100 Hottest New Games Special

A closer look at the biggest and best games on your horizon:

The Last Of Us: Part II
Naughty Dog is delivering the goods once again with brand new motion capture technology, a grown-up Ellie who is going through some tough teenage romance drama and some kind of death cult that’s cutting people open on the streets. Yep, this is The Last Of Us alright. We got the chance to look closer at the game and dissect all of its juicy morsels for you.

Cyberpunk 2077
We were there, we saw the demo and we were blown away by CD Projekt Red’s new game. But of course we were; this is the team that brought us The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, after all. Truly, the scope of the this RPG and the freedom it’s going to give us all as players to dictate our own playstyle and story is going to be immense. You can read our first gameplay impressions this issue.

The Division 2
We get into some of the political talk elsewhere in the issue, but The Division 2 really looks to be answering a good portion of the criticisms of the original game with this update. And it’s adding in some exciting new content, leaning into the RPG mechanics of the game a little and building on that shared world experience.

Death Stranding
We’re still not sure we could describe what Hideo Kojima’s new game is about with any massive amounts of details or accuracy, but we can tell you what we experienced of what’s on offer thus far and it is fascinating. This is easily the strangest game the legendary game-maker has put his name to and it is utterly engrossing.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Ubisoft has gone back to the Creed well a little sooner than we actually expected (we thought another break might be taken after the success of Origins), but we’re pleased it did, because Odyssey looks superb. Moving the action to Greece with more role-playing features and a choice of character, AC Odyssey looks very promising and we got some up-close time with it too.

Halo Infinite
We’re back on the Halo hype train and it’s a comfy ride, as ever. We pick apart the teaser and delve into some of the small details that have been revealed or teased so far to see just what Infinite is going to deliver.

Resident Evil 2
Capcom’s remake of the 1998 classic wasn’t a game we were expecting to be blown away by, but thanks to its stunning engine and incredible recreation of scenes with amazing new clarity, Resi 2 is looking like an amazing horror game revival. Absolutely a game to keep an eye on in the coming months.

And so many more (93 more to be a little more precise) to read about in our preview special blowout spectacular!

The 100 Hottest New Games revealed in games™ 202

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