The Cinema Rosa by Atreyu Games —Kickstarter

The Cinema Rosa by Atreyu Games —Kickstarter

Puzzle exploration! Narrative driven! Spooky and Immersive!

If you liked the Stanley Parable, you'll love the Cinema Rosa.

Here's a taste of what we'll create with your help: a deep, narrative-driven exploration game, taking inspiration from horror, the 1920s and the height of Golden Age Cinema!

Exploration  is a pivotal part of any puzzle game, but The Cinema Rosa takes this one step further. Set in an abandoned, 1930s-era Art Deco cinema, the game is steeped in the history of the period: the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

Open the doors to a once-great cinema, now in ruin, and discover its ill-fated past.   

Puzzles are a central part of the Cinema Rosa. They're both engaging and immersive and will test your logic, memory and creativity. From riddles and numbers to torn down poster hints, you will be hunting for clues in every room.    

Unlike the majority of puzzle games, puzzles in The Cinema Rosa actually serve a purpose and add to the story. Solving puzzles has an effect on the game world and reveals more about the central plot. 

As you solve puzzles, you will begin to uncover the history of the cinema. The game world is dynamic and changeable. Each room can be rebuilt and restored, giving you unprecedented control over the game's environment. 

It's a truly cinematic experience.

Uncover the story of two lovers who bought the cinema as a passion project, before things went downhill. Watch the story of their relationship unfold alongside the story of the cinema's decline, the two stories working as parallel narratives.

The game explores themes of: loss, romance, nostalgia and regret, aiming to take the player on an emotional journey through the psychological effects of a relationship. 

You take on the role of a protagonist exploring his past through various personal demons. As you explore, you encounter various notes, objects and puzzles that you can interact with, reconstructing the cinema to its former glory days.

An essential part of The Cinema Rosa is the exploration of narrative through dream sequences.

Each dream sequence reveals something haunting and mysterious about the cinema's past. Uncover stories of ghosts, hauntings and emotional turmoil to find out once and for all what happened to this old cinema to leave it in ruin.

Join us in creating an exciting, thought-provoking puzzle game.

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Risks and challenges

With funding, we can push the envelope, reach new development goals and milestones.

As with any video game project, there are risks and challenges involved in the production process. As an indie development team we know that unexpected bugs can cause delays. Having said as much, we have set our release date quite far out in order to accommodate for unexpected delays, bug fixing and testing. Our plan is to test the game as much as possible prior to release to ensure a stable build for everyone to enjoy.

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