The Sundew, a pixel art adventure inspired by cyberpunk by 2054

The Sundew, a pixel art adventure inspired by cyberpunk by 2054

French version of this page: The Sundew en français

The Sundew is a 2D retro-style point'n'click adventure game that will take you into a dark cyberpunk world where the boundaries between good and evil become blurred. 

The prototype and the story of this game have been strongly inspired by classic LucasArts and Sierra’s games but also by new representatives of the genre (Wadjet eye games, The Last Door, ...), cyberpunk worlds and Sci Fi authors like Philip K. Dick and William Gibson.

You'll be playing Anna Isobe, a cyber police officer who lives in Shibukawa, the new capital city of Japan. Her job, however, has become incredibly dull since robots replaced cyber-cops, almost eradicating all crimes. But in spite of the great performances of their AIs, the robots lack one thing they have not been able to acquire throughout the years. They lack… discernment.

Please note that the following prototype is a demo version and doesn't reflect the quality of the final product. 


The game uses gameplay and classic point’n’click codes. The focus is on the story, the visuals and immersion through music and sound. The main features of the game are the following:

  • a standard point’n’click mouse pointer, easy to play with,
  • a great story with mysteries, in a retro style cyberpunk world,
  • nice immersive ambient sound effects along with unique pixel art,
  • a myriad of difficult decisions to make and undertake,
  • in brief, a journey back to the classic 80’s adventure games you loved.
  • genre:adventure/puzzle-solving
  • platforms: Windows & Linux
  • duration: ~3 hours
  • languages: English & French

"The town is dark, rainy and sleepy. I can see its lights through my windows. Shibukawa became the new capital city of Japan, eleven years ago. Its immense town center grew up very quickly, after Tokyo was devastated by a giant tsunami. Life in Shibukawa is pretty safe, since robots replaced cyber-cops and eradicated most crimes. But some of us do not believe in this new evolution. In spite of the great performances of their AIs, they lack one thing they have not been able to acquire throughout the years. They lack… discernment. 

My name is Anna. I live here, at 592 Akagimachi Miyama. I am 21 and the best cyber police officer in Shibukawa. The lastest version of what would, what should have been the new cops in Japan. Sometimes I feel very confident, sometimes I feel really bad… but, whatever, no matter what happens, all the time, I feel empty inside. I feel bored. I can’t find my place in the middle of these robots.

 I have an unusual mission today. I should be excited about it, and, I don’t know why, but… I feel that what is going to happen tonight will not really go as expected. On paper, everything looks easy. But when the pressure will be at its highest, if something goes wrong, am I going to make the right decisions?" 

The graphic style is based on the principle of pixel art, that is to say the use of a limited number of colors per scene, while adding occasionally the use of modern techniques. In fact, some light effects are sometimes added and the palette from one scene to a next can change. This brings back the graphic sensation of games from the 80s and 90s while providing nice graphic effects.

However, worth a thousand words, I think the pictures speak for themselves. I’ll let you judge the graphic style with these screenshots from the prototype (and from the rest of the current game).

                                    Electrochip (Mister Electric Daemon)

The principle of the adventure game is to tell a story. To achieve this, the music has a place which is as important as the story and the decor. But sound can also take the player into an immersive atmosphere. More than just feedback, the sounds of The Sundew game are there to make you live Anna’s story. 

By trying the prototype, if you’re not playing on a bright sunny day, you’ll see, you might even think it’s raining outdoors whereas there’s not a drop of rain…

As for the soundtrack, alike Quentin Tarantino films, the music which is used is already existing music, chosen to go with the action and story intuitively.

I am a 42-year-old young woman passionate about computing, graphic art, point’n’click, cyberpunk, robots and parallel worlds. Somewhere between a geek and a nerd. 

You mix everything – 42, robots, games, computing – and there! An evidence appears: to make point’n’clicks about these worlds which fascinate me so much… since the world sorely lacks adventure games like this… this needs to change, and quickly! It’s the mission I have given to myself. And it’s the adventure into which I’m taking you.

Yes, I did say young earlier on. Young in mind. Young and motivated, ready to move mountains so as to offer you a brilliant adventure game. But also completely wise when it comes to knowledge and experience.

I have been working in computing for 15 years, and for 3 years in video games and pixel art; in Lille, near Tourcoing, a cluster of the video game if you like, in France. I have made in particular the graphics for the indie video game Dreadstar : The Quest for Revenge.

I know where I’m going. I’ll take you there willingly. Are you ready to go with me? Yes? Great, I knew you would, you can’t miss an opportunity like this!

Contact: [email protected]

"Die Entwicklerin verspricht ein Adventure wie in den alten Zeiten der LucasArts und Sierra-Klassiker, angereichert mit den Errungenschaften neuerer "Retro-Adventures" wie denen von Wadjet Eye."

"Die französische Entwicklerin Clemenc orientiert sich dabei an den Spielen wie The Last Door oder den Titeln von Wadjet Eye Games sowie den Büchern von Philip K. Dick und William Gibson."


(if you don't want to play the demo by yourself)

Up to now, I was working part time on this project, and part time in a salaried job, in order to have the necessary funds to realize this project. But this isn’t enough to carry it out in reasonable time. At this rate I’ll still be at it in 2054… as a result for the storyline, I might be caught out.

I therefore wish to devote myself full time to it so as to be able to offer you this game for spring 2020. And this is the reason why I’m asking you for a little bit of help through this Kickstarter.

Risks and challenges

I’m versatile, I have many years’ experience in computing, design, management and project implementation with deadlines, sometimes tight. This is the first video game project on which I have been working on all the facets simultaneously. As for the music and translation, they will be entrusted to professional partners.

The main risks I have identified concern the deadlines for the “animation” and “test” parts, as well as possibly the translation; translating video games requires some practice in that field for which I don’t know all the aspects yet.

It’s for this reason I intend to collaborate with a specialized company to offer a very neat game.

For the other aspects, being surrounded by people who work in the computing and video game world, I will not hesitate to ask people who can help me if necessary. Managing the project by myself both on the technical and graphic side removes the risk of withdrawal which exists in a team project.

That said, if despite all my efforts I am unable to provide the game promised tiers, I will simply reimburse you, which seems to me to be the most natural thing to do.

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